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Purposeful You!



Meet Ronice

Motivational Speaker, Author

 and Entrepreneur

Accountant turned author, Ronice began her career transition after working 26 years for a Fortune 500 company. She moved from “career to calling” and is committed to helping others walk in their assigned purpose. 

Start Your Journey

New Levels provides support services that encourage and empower you to live a purpose-driven life. We will help you achieve new levels of authentic success by plugging into your passion and potential. 

We believe you obtain the greatest joy and fulfillment when you pursue a purposeful life. Purpose Prosperity manifests when you thrive as the person you were created to be. When in the workforce, purpose prosperity enables you to make a living AND a difference at the same time. 

Whether an individual or an organization, we have the skills to take you from Trial to Transition to Triumph. New Levels can help you to:


  • Address the mental roadblocks that can hinder career and life progress

  • Develop better stress management skills for career transitions

  • Enhance your mental and emotional balance, especially career outlook

Our strategies, tools and tips can help you move to your next, new level!


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The Layover Testimonials

“I highly recommend this book for anyone grieving over the loss of someone or something substantial. It is very inspirational and shifts the mindset from darkness to light."

Julia Kuo

 “I highly recommend you buy copies for yourself and others because anyone and everyone headed somewhere has experienced the agony of The Layover."

Marc Thompson


“The lessons in this book will help you to be a better teammate, a better boss, a better person. You will be inspired to be your best self.” 

Nancy Matles

I'm Co-Author of this New Anthology. 


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