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Royal Communications Center Podcast – June 17, 2021

Interview with Carl Michel


Are you walking in purpose? Let's talk about it.

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KORE Women Podcast –
March 2, 2021

Interview with Summer Watson


How do you handle life’s detours? Listen in to gain insight on how to navigate the waters of change.

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Health Chat with Coach Jean Podcast – December 3, 2020

Interview with Jean Turner

How do you respond to change? Listen in as we discuss how change of any kind leads to loss and how loss of any kind leads to grief.


WIHS 104.9 CT Christian Radio – May 25, 2021

Interview with Anissa Porticelli

Are you in transition? Gain insight on how to move through your season of uncertainty.

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Leading People First Podcast - January 12, 2021

Interview with Chris Lin


As a leader in your organization, are you intentional about what you are trying to achieve? 

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Straight Talk No Sugar Added - March 23, 2020

Interview with Neena Perez


Let's talk about how your adversity can lead to your destiny.


"Faith, Spirituality, and Mental Health" Panel Discussion Event- November 18, 2020

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